Smart ánd attractive 3D-solutions for your next Exhibition

Hello Agritechnica visitors and exhibitors. We hope you are enjoying the Agritechnica expo!

Need something to make your exhibition stand out? Get more out of your trade fair time and marketing budgets. Our products are not only fascinating for expo’s and events, but they are perfect addition to your daily marketing and sales processes. So affordable and sustainable!
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3D visualizations and animations

We create impressive images for brochures, websites, social media or even as a back walls for expo’s. These images can even beautifully display hidden qualities by using transparency layers.

Looking for clear technical animations that easily explain your products or processes? With a 3D model and a basic story or script, we devise and create a smooth video animation for a screen in the stand, on the website or on social media.
Also check our standard products
If you are looking for more interactivity to keep visitors interested for a longer period? Our products may be exactly what you need! These applications are not only interesting for trade fairs, but many of our customers mainly use them in their daily marketing and sales processes.
Virtual Showroom
Many companies promote their products at fairs and events. This of course offers a great opportunity, but it’s a costly undertaking. It’s also a temporary presentation, location-bounded and the space is often too expensive to exhibit all your products. With our digital showrooms you can share your collections with the click of a button, schedule virtual appointments with customers or set up virtual fitting rooms for potential buyers.

We prepare your products and then place them in a self-designed virtual environment. Because these are virtual spaces, you are not bound by quantity, size, style or other physical limitations.
Agritechnica Beurs | Letink Design
Product Portfolio
Make your product presentations more dynamic! This digital sales & marketing application allows companies to present their products in a visual and interactive way using 3D. This leads to shorter lead times and closing deals faster. Our product portfolio is a perfect addition to your sales process and is therefore an extension of the current workflow:

• Platform (choosing the right hardware/medium)
• Generating involvement (good onboarding process)
• Inform & convince (choose the right product presentation)
• Lead generation (desired follow-up or output)
Curious which presentation can help you shine?

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3D animatie bedrijf

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